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BlowPOPArt is a tiny bubble within a massive creative space, drawing playful digital art illustrations of animals, characters, everyday people, their furry companions, and sometimes not-so-furry.  And just like bubble gum, the illustrations are fun and simple by design, yet are creatively blown-up to mimic life's ingenuities.


BlowPOPArt creator Jackie Orrung originally from NYC happily exchanged an IT job position and glamour puss lifestyle riddled with high octane caffeine, and expensive dry-cleaning bills for a laid back, sun-kissed lifestyle. 


As a kid in the city, she spent many hours doodling and watching cartoon shows.  As self-backed finances were secured in "adulthood", she spent lots of time going to museums and art shows checking out the latest pop and abstract installations shown throughout the city.  This is precisely how she found a passion for art and how BlowPOPArt bloomed into existence. 

She currently resides in the Tampa, FL bay area with her family and

their three cool cats that are living the life of Riley.

BlowPOPArt Sphynx cat with Tiara
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